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Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

ASPIRA is specialized in developing and distributing some specific food ingredients to the food and beverages industries


The ASPIRA range of Dairy stabilizers is designed to provide texture, minimize Synerisis and/or prevent sedimentation. The applications that we are serving are Milk, Yoghurt, Ice Cream and Cheese. A specific stabilizer or more is designed for each application depending on the needed goal.

Meat Binders

ASPIRA has developed a range of mixes that enable the extension of some specific meat products to increase the yield and profitability and on the same time adding a great juiciness to the final product.

Special Mixes

ASPIRA is working closely with its customers and is ready to make some specific food grade mixes as per the wish of its customers like: very concentrated flavors and topnotes, invert sugar, Chicken and Beef Marinades and many more