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Company Profile

ASPIRA is an Egyptian based company specialized in the creation, production and marketing of food flavors and functional additives to all the segments of the food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries.

It provides customized solutions, adapted to the needs of its customers, which are economically feasible, use environmentally friendly technologies and offer maximum guarantees of safety.  

Application Laboratories as well as Research & Development teams are working around the clock to provide the best solutions and value for the diversified customers in their respective countries to satisfy their specific needs.

 At ASPIRA, everything revolves around quality, innovation, inspiration and service. We give substance to this by putting our know-how completely at the disposal of our customers, who range from family business to industry.
The distinguishing features of ASPIRA are manifest in our products, services and relations, which are fully oriented to the requirements and situation of our customers. ASPIRA regularly supplies its customers with new products and concepts, new recipe and promotional ideas.


To be our customers’ supplier of choice in all the fields we operate in.


To be passionate about our customers and their businesses and to provide them with value and success through quality, innovation and service.

Shared Values

  • Regulatory compliance
  • We are committed to compliance with the laws and regulations.
  • Operating with integrity
  • We are open, direct and honest in our dealings.
  • Passion for customers
  • We put our customers first in everything we do.
  • Achievement and contribution
  • We aspire for excellence in all we do; each individual’s contribution is critical to our success
  • Respect for individuals
  • We work together to create a culture built on trust, dignity and respect for all.
  • Sense of entrepreneurship and possibility
  • We encourage initiatives, think boldly and out of the box and approach our work with optimism
  • Results through collaboration
  • We effectively collaborate in teams, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers

Our Brand

  • As suggested by the name, ASPIRA is a clear reflection of our aspiration that does not stop.
  • The green letter s in ASPIRA is a commitment from our side to deliver the best possible service to our customers.
  • The 8 green dots forming our logo are the dots of the letter A of ASPIRA but obviously not all the dots are connected. We believe that it is our job to connect the dots of the business together to form a winner in the market for the benefits of our customers.
  • The green color in the logo is a clear sign of our commitment to the environment.
  • Looking to our business/visiting cards, you will see that everything is written in small letters except the people’s names which is written in capital letters. This is a reflection of our true belief in our people and that they are our biggest asset.